Winning Personal Thank You Letters

There are so many steps that go into completing a successful interview. The final step in the interview process is sending a personal thank you letter to your interviewer. Thank you letters show your interviewer you are still interested in the job, and you can show gratitude. Sending a thank you letter to your interview takes more thought than you think. The following is five winning personal thank you letters.

The Targeted Letter

The targeted personal thank you letter is used when you want to stress an idea that was stressed in your interview. These type of letter are great to use on a second or third interview because you discuss how this job fits you and your work personality. Targeted letters are the longest of the thank you letters you can write. They are generally three to four paragraphs long with a header and a closing. To really impress your interviewer, include a point or two about the company, and how you fit into them.

The Super Generic Letter

The super generic personal thank you letter is your basic cookie cutter letter. This type of letter is best used if you want your personality to shine. They are all about being fun and energetic. The only time you use a super generic letter is if you completed one interview. They are too casual of a letter to send an employer if you have been through multiple interviews. Even though, these letters are basic in form, always list one attribute about the company you feel fits your personality or work qualifications.

The Recapper Letter

The recapper personal thank you letter is a letter specific to your interviews. These letters are used to sell your attention to detail skills. Typically, five to seven details are listed about your interview you wanted to reiterate to the interviewer. A recapper letter really can earn you bonus points with a company. However, only list points where you have strengths. Never reiterate a point in the interview where your weakness lies. Be sure you are accurate in what you are listing. If you list something that never happened, or is detailed incorrectly, it can backfire on you.

The Second go Around Letter

The second go around personal thank you letter is a very basic letter sent after a first interview. The purpose of this letter is to let your interviewer know you are still interested in the job, and how they can follow up with you. This type of letter is only two paragraphs long. It’s more of a short and sweet letter. The biggest positive to sending a second go around letter is you don’t have to worry about stating anything you might of misunderstood from the interview. The major downfall to this letter is it’s used by many applicants.

Thanks for Nothing Letter

The thanks for nothing personal thank you letter may be the most important thank you letter you write. An applicant sends this letter when they have been rejected for the position. As weird as this may seem, always thank a company, even if you don’t get hired. They may have other positions come available in the future you are better qualified for. By sending them the letter even though you did not get hired, it shows them you are a professional person who does not take business decisions personally.

The final step in successfully completing the interview process is sending a personal thank you letter to your interviewer. These are five letters that will win you major brownie points with your interviewer. Many people who take the time to send these letters will get a call back for a second or third interview or even the best call; one saying you’re hired. Don’t let your professional career slip through your hands. Take 30 minutes to type a thank you letter to your interviewer.

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