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When I was young I really loved reading books, stories, poetries and other literature works. My dream was to one day be able to make money out of that. I remember someone mentioning to me that I should open my own company for proofreading services, but since I was a young teenager back then this did not sound as a very appealing job to me. I was more looking for something like book critic.

Many people, however, told me that I won’t be able to make enough living out of that and that there were only a handful of critics in the world that actually could afford to do only this for a living. But I still did not believe them and my dream started to become bigger and bigger.

Eventually, I totally forgot about the proofreading service and started working more on becoming a professional critic. I even went to study in the most renewed university on literature in my country, where I studied Literature. These were the best 4 years of my life because besides having amazing and smart colleagues, I learned a lot about foreign literature, the different types or writing and so on.

However, there was a small surprise during my last year that I have not expected. My professors started talking more and more often about proofreading services and how neglected this subject is. That’s why the University decided for the first time to introduce a new subject – proofreading. I was very interested in that because, although I have heard a lot about it during my life, I have never made the effort to see what exactly this is. It turned out that this is indeed a very valuable service for the authors and publishers. And what is most important – it requires reading a lot of books.

Proofreading services is actually making sure that a certain book has right spelling and is grammatically correct. This kind of make you lose focus from the plot that you read, but our proofreading professor told us that if you are good enough you will be able to make it both at the same time – read an interesting book and correct it. This requires more time, of course, but I think I will take this possibility. I am spending so much time reading books anyway, I might as well earn money out of it.

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