How to write an essay

I have always been quite good at essay writing. I was first pointed at my ability in high school, when we started writing quite a lot of essays during our literature classes. This was something very new and exciting for everyone and we were indeed so looking forward to these assignments. Our literature teacher was a young lady who really enjoyed reading her students’ opinion and thoughts. She saw it as a challenge to make us concentrate and try to analyze different things.

That’s why we did not do essay writings only on topics on certain books or writers, but also on some philosophical themes. We all preferred the last ones because they did not require reading a huge book or studying about the life and works of a certain poet. And since we usually did horrible essays on books because we did now know what to write about and our teacher started to become quite fed up with the stupid and meaningless things that we would write, she soon started to give us philosophical assignments more often.

That’s why I understand that I was very talented when it comes to essay writing. Very often the teacher will praise me in front of the whole class (which was rather uncomfortable), and sometimes she would even make me read my work out laud in front of everybody (which was even more uncomfortable).

But I did enjoy writing and reading my essays afterwards. I still keep all my assignments and the teachers’ moments on them in a small notebook, which I read every now and then. Now that I am much more grown-up I can see how funny and shallow were my thought on some subjects, which is quite funny. But it is so interesting to make the difference between the things that were important to me back then and that were my priorities and then think of the same things right now. Sometimes it is even hard to believe that this is one and the same person.

When I went to university we did not do as much essay writing as before, although I continued to write them at home. Unfortunately, I do not have as much time for this hobby of mine anymore, but when I do find the time for that it really feels great. I get very excited and motivated and the essay writing is the only thing that I think about for several days. In the end when I finish it I will send it to a friend of mine back from school, who too enjoyed writing essays. She will read my works and I will read hers and will praise each other all the time.

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